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Welcome to Nairn & Hyman

Come and explore the natural beauty of Nairn and Hyman. Our friendly community offers the best of life in Northern Ontario. Need more information?

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Things To Do

Nairn & Hyman offers a variety of experiences for outdoor enthusiasts. Numerous campgrounds, trails and excellent fishing and hunting locations make Nairn & Hyman an ideal destination for nature lovers. Those looking to relax

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Image: Spanish River Bridge

The Spanish River

The trans-Canada highway skirts our sleepy little town on its way to other people and places. To the souls hurrying through, we must appear small and insignificant, just a place to slow down for a minute or so. Ahh, little do they

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Image: View from Narin Beach

The Beginning

It was in 1876 when Joseph Edwards journeyed from his native Wrexham, in Northern Wales to settle in the Ottawa Valley. Twelve years later he would settle in a small community in Northern Ontario called Nelsonville and in doing

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Who We Are

Incorporated in 1896, the Township of Nairn and Hyman is a small rural community located just west of the city of Greater Sudbury, Ontario. Established as a logging industry on the Spanish River, Nairn Centre is the core residential area. Although the Spanish River is no longer used for logging, the area still offers a wide range of recreational activities including fishing, boating, swimming, hunting, camping and several kilometres of scenic off-road trails.


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Local Attractions

  • Nairn/Hyman All Sports Centre
  • Beach Area

  • Ball Park

  • Tourist Accommodations – Campgrounds